Leslie Scott

Executive Director, National Association of State Personnel Executives

Thank you for your keynote presentation on Monday morning. Our attendees absolutely raved about it! It was funny, relatable and transferrable and simply the perfect way to kick off our event. We appreciate your time with us. Many of our attendees asked for your contact information so they might have you speak to their organizations. Again, thank you for your presentation and the time you spent with your group.

Dawn Dovre

Director of Workforce Planning, Policy, and Public Affairs, State of South Dakota

Our organization has used Brenda on several occasions for leadership team meetings. The audience was actively engaged and gave high marks for her presentation style. The content was very relevant, her anecdotal stories were relatable, her sense of humor refreshing, and activities thought-provoking.


I have planned meetings for fourteen years, and of all the speakers I’ve worked with, Brenda has been one of the best. She is proactive in understanding the audience and our goals, well-organized and prepared, and has a great personality. I highly recommend Brenda to other groups.

Sarah Ruzek

Co-Director, VP of Finance & Education, Associations North

If you’re looking for practical, fresh, and engaging content, look no further than Brenda Clark Hamilton. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Brenda on several occasions, and our members always walk away energized and armed with new ideas to take back to their office. Brenda has a wealth of knowledge to share and presents the information in such a way that is fun, useful, and memorable. Brenda is down to earth, genuine, and a blast to work with; we’ll continue to invite you back again and again!

  • Hank Hanson

    Membership Services Director, Iowa Association of Community Providers

    “Brenda has worked with our association many times. We’ve asked her to appear at small group meetings, continuing educational seminars, and our annual convention. The evaluation comments that we’ve received from members (click here) speak for themselves. Time and again we’ve asked her back when we are in need of a dynamic, well-researched presentation—sprinkled with just the right amount of humor. Brenda has also worked with us to create unique, custom presentations geared directly towards our membership. If you’re looking for a professional speaker that delivers every time—I highly recommend Brenda Clark Hamilton.”

  • Anne Denholm

    Marketing Executive, Meridian Manufacturing, Inc.

    "When Meridian Manufacturing was looking for someone who could talk about time management to our diverse staff, we were extremely fortunate to find Brenda Clark Hamilton. Her high energy level kept everyone’s attention and her delivery style was really down to earth. Brenda made the presentation very interactive and she customized a lot of the information to fit our audience. The tips on time management will be used, and everyone left with practical ways to use the information on a day-to-day basis. We would love to hire her again for future training sessions on a variety of subjects. She delivered exactly what we needed!"

  • Molly Varangkounh

    President, Hy-Capacity, Inc.

    “We have been working with Brenda for several years. The type of audience we’ve asked her to present to has come in many forms: all-employee growth and development, leadership training, sales meetings. Regardless of the audience, Brenda always does an excellent job understanding our needs and adjusting her message and delivery accordingly. We love Brenda’s sense of humor, the way she engages the crowd, and the easy way she can introduce and discuss topics that can often times be difficult in the workplace or life in general. We are lucky to have Brenda in our region and we look forward to continued growth with her in the years to come.”

  • Matt Garcia

    Chief System Operations and People Officer, Western Home Services, Inc.

    “During the last three years we have used Brenda twice for system wide leadership training for our organization. The feedback is very positive about her high energy, passionate and engaging style. Even better, the content is current and relevant. She has many years of experience working across different professions so she can share relevant stories we might not normally be exposed to. The best part is Brenda will customize her material and training to exactly what we want. I believe we need to have some kind of homework or action items for leaders after we do training. Brenda worked with us to build our own material into hers so that we could seamlessly share the facilitation of the training. We will be working with Brenda Clark Hamilton again soon.”

  • Rodney Davis

    Employment Specialist, Exceptional Opportunities, Inc.

    "Brenda Clark Hamilton does a great job getting to know your business and how to relate her programs with your needs. She easily engages everyone with her smile and great personality."

  • Pamela A. Brindley

    Regional Account Manager, H & R Accounts/MedPay Management Systems

     “I first saw your presentation on dealing with difficult people at an Iowa HFMA meeting.  I remember thinking, in my travels to all my hospital and clinic clients I kept hearing that staffing issues keep them from focusing on the real job at hand - taking care of the patient!  At that time, I was programming chair for the Hawkeye AAHAM Chapter. I didn’t waste any time booking you for our next meeting. The feedback at the AAHAM meeting was immediate. Patient Accounts Managers and Billing Managers were grateful to have some real solutions to their more difficult staffing problems. Brenda, on behalf of Iowa AAHAM—thank you!”

  • Maureen Elbert

    Executive Director, Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation

     “Working with Brenda has been a very positive experience. Her level of expertise and enthusiasm captivated the participants, along with her ability to get the audience involved during the presentation. I really appreciated being able to provide areas of emphasis that I wanted her to include in her presentation. Kossuth/Palo Alto Economic Development Corporation looks forward to many other training and development sessions. This is a great service our office can provide to our area leaders and government officials.”

  • Jean Menning

    Executive Director, Exceptional Opportunities, Inc.

    “Exceptional Opportunities, Inc., has had the good fortune of working with Brenda Clark Hamilton in meeting the training needs of our 180 employees since the spring of 2006. I am impressed with the amount of time Brenda invested in getting to know our business in an effort to tailor her presentations to address our specific needs. Brenda has led large and small group training sessions, in addition to small group conflict resolution intervention sessions. Each training Brenda has completed for Exceptional Opportunities has been well prepared and delivered. Brenda’s icebreakers encourage audience participation, while her real-life stories contribute to making her training sessions enjoyable, humorous, and memorable. I would describe Brenda’s presentations as full of ‘down to earth’, common sense, practical information a person can walk out of the training room with and put to use. I highly recommend Brenda for any training or speaking need a company has, as her knowledge and presentation will exceed your expectations. Each time Brenda is in-house for a training presentation, our employees pack the training room to listen and learn from what she shares. We feel most fortunate to have such a talented presenter in our community.” 

  • Gary Schmidt

    Industry Training Programmer, Iowa Lakes Community College

    “I truly enjoy working with Brenda. She has an instant connection, with immediate trust and expertise, that is obvious to all who attend our leadership classes at Iowa Lakes Community College. With interactive training techniques and the obvious genuine, caring attitude she delivers concepts with, it helps push the topic forward to a greater level of understanding. Brenda’s common-sense approach, along with a great sense of humor, always connects with people, and because of that, the experience is enhanced to a level not many trainers can achieve. Brenda’s self-disclosure of her personal experiences in life bring home the fact that we all are human, and that everyone needs help in understanding how to become a better leader and person. Brenda stands above the rest as a top-notch trainer, keynote, or contract trainer, and it is a real privilege to work with her on many different topics and types of training.”


515.295.2379 / FRCOFFEE@NCN.NET


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