Who Are You Impacting Today? And How?


Have you ever thought about how you affect others? The reality is that each one of us has the ability to impact each person we encounter in a day…for better or for worse. 

Give What Is Uniquely Yours…and Watch Amazing Things Happen

The theme of this moving, inspirational presentation is quite simple: Give what is uniquely yours to your community, and amazing things will happen in your community and within yourself. Brenda says, “Some of the most inspirational moments I’ve witnessed in my life have started with a simple thought in an ordinary person’s mind, the thought being, ‘You know, there’s something I could do to make this situation a whole lot better.’”

Recharge Your Battery! Energize Yourself and Share Your Spark with Others

Each of us who serves as a caregiver in some aspect of our lives has times when our personal battery is running on a dangerously low charge. We might feel physically drained, emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, or even spiritually empty. 

Note from Brenda about Special Events…


Many times, groups ask me to design a presentation that is very specific to their event, theme, or celebration. I love being creative in tailoring messages, and if given enough lead time, I am happy to accommodate those requests.