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Own It!

Approach Every Aspect of Your Life with Strength, Integrity, and Confidence


The phrase 'Own It!' is often given as advice when someone is facing an awkward or embarrassing situation. The essence is that--if you're going to do something--you might as well go all-in, approaching the task with passion and self-assuredness. In this engaging, interactive session, Brenda will provide strategies based on current research into how to approach one's daily life with strength, integrity, and confidence. She will start by sharing a fascinating Monmouth University study involving cookies, radishes, and potential romance…and will show how a G.R.E.A.T. acronym can provide GREAT daily rejuvenation.


You Got This! 

Strategies for Confidence & Excellence in Every Area of Your Life

The phrase ‘You Got This’ is often used to express confident assurance in a friend or ally facing a challenge: “Just play the game as you know how. You got this.” This fun, engaging session will share current research into how to foster genuine confidence in yourself and excellence in your life, on a daily basis. Brenda will start the session by sharing insights from a unique Harvard Business School Don’t Stop Believin’ study. She’ll then work into identifying what lens each of us wears that impacts our demeanor and relationships daily.

This Is Not My First Rodeo!
Strategies for Resilience During Stressful Times

One of the most valuable traits for success in life is resilience. Resilience is the ability to keep moving forward despite challenges, and the strength to recover quickly from setbacks. This engaging, interactive session will provide practical, research-based strategies for developing your personal resilience, that will benefit you at work and home. 

Please note that Brenda always works with groups to tailor their presentation to be an ideal fit for their conference or organization. For example, if none of the above motivational keynote topics strike a chord, Brenda will often start with the presentation title, "Choose Excellence!" then work with the event planners to design the most compelling and relevant subtitle and content for their event. She loves hearing, "Your presentation was an absolute home run with our group!"

Own It!
You Got This!
This is not my first rodeo!
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