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Influential Leadership:

Set a Tone of Excellence in Your Organization


Leadership guru Brian Tracy states, “The leader always sets the tone for the department or organization…The more excited and committed you are to your work, the more excited and committed will be the people around you.” During this engaging, interactive session, Brenda will share practical strategies for setting a tone of excellence for your team, and in the process, being a leader who is well-respected, highly effective, and highly regarded by their team and fellow leaders.



Servant Leadership in 2023:

Leading with Purpose

Many current organizations are taking renewed interest in the traditional concept of ‘Servant Leadership.’ Servant Leadership involves the understanding that the most effective leaders serve their people, by supporting, listening, encouraging, and maximizing the unique potential of each individual.

Be a 'Lovable Star' as a Leader:

Emotional Intelligence Strategies for Personal & Professional Success

Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy coined the term ‘Lovable Star’ to describe people whom we love to work with, have as our leaders, and do business with. She says these people possess two traits, both related to Emotional Intelligence. During this fascinating, interactive session, you will learn what those traits are, along with several user-friendly strategies for increasing your Emotional Intelligence.

Essential Skills for Leadership Excellence


Many times, ‘leadership’ seems like a lofty, philosophical concept. The reality, though, is that research and practical experience can help us identify specific traits and behaviors of leaders who consistently motivate their teams to excellence.

The Mentally Strong Leader:
Strategies for Resilience During Uncertain Times


Eleanor Roosevelt said, “We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.”

Creative Tools for Coaching Team Members to Success

Many leaders are skilled and experienced at coaching team members to success. For these professionals, asking open-ended questions, actively listening, and getting team members to reflect on their experience are engrained, intuitive practices. This engaging, interactive session is designed to add new, creative tools to your coaching toolbox, whether you are one of those seasoned coaches, or just learning the practice.


Leading Others Through Organizational Change:

Strategies and Insights for Leadership Success

Woodrow Wilson said, “If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” Undoubtedly, periods of organizational change are some of the most challenging, and potentially rewarding, times for leaders.

Holding Accountable the Under-Performing or Difficult Employee


Employee accountability expert Michael Henry Cohen states, “The employee you hold accountable for poor performance will never cause you as much trouble as those you don’t hold accountable but should.”

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Leaders


Would you rather have a root canal than step in between team members in conflict? This session may be for you!

Crucial Conversations: 
Skills for Communicating About Difficult Workplace Issues

We’ve all been there—knowing that we have to have that difficult conversation that we are dreading. In a workplace, it might mean talking to a colleague who just missed a critical deadline, confronting a team member about his or her inappropriate behavior, or conversing as a team about issues that need resolved but seem too “hot-button” to even approach. 

Communication Strategies for Leadership Success

How important is communication to your success as a leader? Both research studies and practical experience scream, “Very important!”

Carrots, Sticks, and Other Possibilities:

What Motivates Employees?

Is it pay and benefits? A flexible schedule? Meaningful work? A fun workplace? Verbal praise? This engaging and interactive program addresses the age-old question, “What motivates employees?”

Increasing Employee Retention:

How Do We Keep Quality Team Members on Board?

In the current economy, many organizations are finding themselves short-staffed and hoping to retain the quality staff members that they do have. The focus of this engaging program is on practical strategies that organizations can implement to potentially recruit new employees and to increase satisfaction levels among their current staff.

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