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I Know I’m Supposed to be Wonder Woman, but I Don’t Have Any Bullet-Blocking Bracelets!

Remember Wonder Woman and her bracelets that could deflect any bullets aimed at her?

Pretty Amazing…Just as I Am!


Do you feel ‘pretty amazing’ just as you are, imperfections and all? One of the most beautiful traits a woman can possess is a quiet confidence in who she is. This confidence involves an understanding of what makes her unique and a willingness to use her strengths to enrich others’ lives.

Your Best Self—Freshly Brewed! 

Are you living a rich, passionate life? Do you feel fresh and invigorated, or bitter and stale?

Note from Brenda about Women’s Events…

Many times, groups ask me to design a presentation that is very specific to their particular women’s event. This might involve aligning my message with the event theme or speaking specifically to the work of their organization. I love being creative in tailoring messages, and if given enough lead time, I am happy to accommodate those requests.

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