I Know I’m Supposed to be Wonder Woman, but I Don’t Have Any Bullet-Blocking Bracelets!

Remember Wonder Woman and her bracelets that could deflect any bullets aimed at her?

Pretty Amazing…Just as I Am!


Do you feel ‘pretty amazing’ just as you are, imperfections and all? One of the most beautiful traits a woman can possess is a quiet confidence in who she is. This confidence involves an understanding of what makes her unique and a willingness to use her strengths to enrich others’ lives.

Your Best Self—Freshly Brewed! 

Are you living a rich, passionate life? Do you feel fresh and invigorated, or bitter and stale?

Note from Brenda about Women’s Events…

Many times, groups ask me to design a presentation that is very specific to their particular women’s event. This might involve aligning my message with the event theme or speaking specifically to the work of their organization. I love being creative in tailoring messages, and if given enough lead time, I am happy to accommodate those requests.

  • I Know I’m Supposed to be Wonder Woman, but I Don’t Have Any Bullet-Blocking Bracelets!


    As women, sometimes it seems like ‘bullets’ are coming at us from all directions: multiple responsibilities, too-high expectations, difficult people, and daily aggravations. In this fun, interactive session, you will learn strategies to take you from burnt out and overwhelmed, to vibrant, passionate, and—dare I say—powerful!

  • Pretty Amazing…Just as I Am!

    In this inspirational, interactive session, we will deepen your understanding of your own worth, and you will learn take-home tools for maintaining and increasing that quiet, genuine confidence on a daily basis. You will gain strategies for learning from past mistakes without dwelling on them, and for planning a future that entices you. And, if Brenda has her way, you will leave this session believing with all of your heart that you are truly amazing…just as you are!

  • Your Best Self—Freshly Brewed! 


    Brenda will inspire you to call forth the unique, best parts of yourself and to become a life-long dreamer. You will learn how Brenda has listened to her inner voice of truth and how you, too, can follow that little voice that leads to your fullest potential in your career, relationships, and personal aspirations.



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