Create a ‘You’ to Be Proud Of!

What do you see when you look in the mirror at the end of the day? 

Maximize Your Potential!


What kind of success are you having—and will you have—in your life? Are there steps you can take right now to start maximizing the tremendous potential you have in your life?

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Teens: “ITS OVR…SRRY” 


Tell the truth: Have you ever broken up with someone via text messaging? Has anyone broken up with you in the same way? This session is about how we handle conflicts and difficult conversations in our lives, and how we can do so in the most thoughtful, effective ways; texting is usually not one of them!

Note from Brenda about Young Adult Events…


Many times, groups ask me to design a presentation that is very specific to their particular school, college, or university event. This often involves aligning my message with the specific theme or purpose of the event. I love being creative in tailoring messages, and if given enough lead time, I am happy to accommodate those requests.

  • Create a ‘You’ to Be Proud Of!

    Can you look yourself in the eye and feel good about who you are, how you treated others, and the choices you are making in your life? This program is about making healthy choices and realizing that you can start over at any point in your life to make better choices and to be the person that you want to be.

  • Maximize Your Potential!

    In this fun, interactive session, we will explore what the latest research has to say about ways to maximize your unique, individual potential in your relationships, education, personality, and long-term career goals. Join us for this motivational session, and leave armed with practical strategies to keep you positive, energized, and positioned to achieve the success you want in every aspect of your life.

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies for Teens: “ITS OVR…SRRY” 



    We’ll start by looking at your own, natural style of responding to conflicts, then delve into several practical, take-home strategies for working calmly towards ‘win-win’ solutions when times are tense, and emotions are running high.



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